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Are you a start-up tech firm, or in the early stages of growing your software business? Is your goal to gain venture capital or angel funding for your business? Do you need help complying with your legal requirements, to speed up the investment process, and to encourage investors to choose YOUR business as the one to invest in? At Protect Your Empire, our focus is on tying up all your legal requirements to make the legal due diligence side of the investment process easy.

The reality is… you will NOT secure funding if your business does not pass legal due diligence. You will NOT be able to grow or significantly scale your business if you can’t prove to an investor that you have taken all the legal steps that you are required to take.



If you are to secure funding in your tech business, you will need (at a minimum):

1. To show that your business is set up properly, registered where it needs to be and that you’ve complied with all company/securities laws
2. A really good customer contract / licence agreement which protects the tech you are selling
3. Management contracts for directors, founders’ agreements and other similar documents
4. Employment contracts, contractor agreements and evidence you have complied with employment regulations
5. Website documents (terms of use, privacy policy and cookies policy)
6. Proper protections for all your intellectual property rights
7. Confidentiality agreements
8. To show that your business complies with privacy laws
9. To show that you comply with regulatory challenges affecting the sector you operate in


It’s simple… investors will always invest in companies they trust, and that make the investment process quick and easy. Protect Your Empire takes a deep dive into your business, understands your legal requirements and works with you to get all the legal documentation your business needs. On top of this, we provide legal approval of your contracts and the way your business is structured, making the legal due diligence process for your investors SIGNIFICANTLY simpler.



Babs Jamieson is a UK and US qualified lawyer, specialising in software and technology legal services. Babs qualified in Scotland, with one of the top 4 law firms in the country, then worked in-house with a financial services firm, focusing on regulatory compliance and commercial contracts, including software and licence agreements. Since then, Babs has helped numerous small businesses, including SAAS, PAAS, technology and start-up businesses, get their legal affairs in order before bringing a product to market, and looking for investment. Babs is passionate about helping small and start-up tech companies secure funding by getting their legal requirements in order. Babs provides tailored, specific and easy-to-understand legal advice, in a way that works for you and your business.


So here’s how it all works…


Legal audit

We have an initial legal audit call, where we work through all the areas you will need to have in order before you can even think about pitching to an investor.

Packaging plan

Establish a step-by-step plan with milestones, to work out the most effective way to make your business desirable for investors.

Contract execution

Following the packaging plan, Protect Your Empire drafts all the contracts you need, bespoke to your business, to prove to potential investors that you’re the real deal.

Corporate positioning calls

We monitor progress of the documentation, and any
internal measures we’ve recommended that you implement, over a 4-week period to ensure your business is on track.

Pro5 size
Final audit and report

We hold a final audit call to understand the progress made, the legal
measures that have been implemented, and then Protect Your Empire issues a report which you can show to potential investors, highlighting all of the areas that have been addressed. This report has approval from a law firm – meaning your business is more likely to be taken seriously and seen as ‘investable’ by investors. This will significantly speed up any due diligence process that your investor undertakes
(hint: your investor will prefer to invest in companies that can operate quickly and efficiently)



If you have any other question please contact us via email or telephone and we'd be happy to help.

Why do I need to do this now?

Let me ask you this… what is your goal for your business? Is it to secure investment, or build your
business so you can eventually sell it?
Well, let me tell you this… you will NOT be able to do either of these things without going through
legal due diligence with an investor or a buyer.
What do investors and buyers look for? All of the things listed here on our approach
Let us help you significantly increase your chances of selling or securing investment for your business

How long will this all take?

The full process usually takes 4 weeks, but this depends on how much work is needed. All
documentation is provided to you within 3-5 business days.

How much does it cost?

It totally depends on where your business is now, and where it needs to get to. For more
information on pricing, please get in touch

Will an actual lawyer be doing my work?

Yes! Babs runs Protect Your Empire, and is a qualified lawyer in the UK, New York and California.

Lauren Tickner

Founder of Impact School

Babs’ Protect Your Empire Programme literally changed the game for my entire business. Before I
joined this programme, I honestly don’t know how I survived for so long in business. I was forgetting
to do so many highly important legal things, which left me at such huge risk. If someone had sued
me, I would have been done. Whereas now, I have every single thing in place. I have all of my
agreements with my clients nailed, everything to do with anything I do online is protected legally.
Not only that, for all of my contractors, we have perfect agreements which means that, if for
example, someone who I’m hiring to do some work for my company then decides to go ahead and
steal a bunch of my clients, that is not happening… thanks to everything that Babs has helped me
with. So it’s just been amazing to be able to go through this programme and to have so much
protection now. My empire truly is protected.

Claire O’Hagan

Founder of Claire O Hello

I highly recommend Babs and her services to any business owner who wants their legal work taken
care of meticulously and quickly. She really goes above and beyond. Delighted I decided to work with

Veronica Manzanares

Founder of La Palabra Purpura

I used Barbaras services to create a contract for my business and not only she delivered it before the
deadline, but she was incredibly helpful and understood exactly what I needed. You should definitely
hire her services.

Alex Neilan

Founder of The Sport Dietitian

The best money I’ve invested in my business by far. Unbelievable service, still very underpriced in my
opinion considering it means my business is now fully protected. Barbara responds to any of my
concerns immediately and over delivered in my opinion. I have decided to continue to work with her
on an ongoing basis as every quarter she has found a way to reduce my mistakes and easily cover the
cost of the investment to work with her. Its a no brainer. Not having legal protecting is the world we
live in is like drink driving through a police station, its wreck-less. I cant believe the low costs of this
legal service. Dive in, youll never regret it.

Luke Ashworth

Founder of

I recently worked with Babs and Protect Your Empire on the contracts for my marketing and software business. The work was delivered quickly and of a high quality. Babs was easy to work with and understood my business well. I would definitely recommend Protect Your Empire for getting your contracts sorted for your software or tech business. I’m now using her for more work as our business grows!



If you are struggling with the legal stuff, you just don’t know what you’re meant to be doing, or you have a specific legal query you need help with, send us a message using the form below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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